Expressive Cuts

Linoleum cuts

Enclosed a selection of works from different times.

Sandy. 1981
Next door neighbor . 1981

The Fly. 2016

Love to death. 2017

Rishikesh. 2019

1984 = 2020

Primary – the life of an individual is most important.

The Corona crisis in the Western countries and in Israel, has been characterized primarily as a health crisis, with scientific aspects and economic consequences. 

The political crisis emerging under the health and economic crisis has no less serious consequences than the consequences of the Corona itself. 

1984 = 2020
Acrylic and black oil ink on paper. 60 * 60 cm.
Work created: 23 March 2020. Massive Corona outbreak round the world.

Under the health crisis that the Western democracies have taken on to, a public & political crisis has also been revealed.

Extraordinary powers that the public gives to its governments, must serve only the purpose for which they were given: suppressing the disease in Corona and balancing the other violations of individual rights created as a result.

A close up of an elderly demonstrator (Top right)
1984 = 2020

The Corona crisis created in some countries “legal” circumstances for “temporary” emergency laws that restricts civil rights on the pretext of the “public good”. Also created an unequal enforcement between different populations. 

The excuse of spreading the virus deprives the individual citizen of his civil rights, allowing the government and the state to enforce civil laws while the citizens are mentally and physically in weak condition.

Hand – Identification and a signature of personality of a person
(Bottom middle)
1984 = 2020

Individual rights Should be kept at all times and at the times of Corona plague.

Tomer Ganun from Calcalist newspaper: 23.3.2020

Tomer Ganun from Calcalist; Israeli newspaper: 23.3.2020 (Above)

Individual rights do not “survive” through the Corona plague.

Protecting the rights of the individual is not a privilege in an emergency. On the contrary, it is mandatory. The bridle must not be removed. Supervision of the information collected about us, the citizens and its use.

The balance between preserving the public and preserving its right to privacy must not be compromised. Giving up here is dangerous and doomed to disaster. It gives wide discretion to various parties – the Shaback (Secret police), the Police, the Ministry of Health – who may abuse their power in the name of protecting the public.

My work is inspired by: Guernica by Picasso & 1984, A Novel by George Orwell

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“The Hand of Coincidence” Dakar

Dakar – in memory of our lost submarine

Every year, on January 25th, we try to find solace on the anniversary date of the disappearance of the Israeli submarine, the Dakar. The submarine was lost, literally and figuratively, in 1968, along with her crew of 69 sailors. The years pass, but the memory of them, our loved ones, remains in our hearts forever.

The mystery of what happened to the Dakar can’t be described better than with these words : Lost by the the Hand of Coincidence.

In 2017, I created the “DAKAR” sculpture, as one of a collection of sculptures called “The Hand of Coincidence”, consisting of 25 individual pieces of art, each encapsulating a different social and political issue. 2014-2018.

I created one specific piece to honor the Dakar Submarine. 

My husband, First Sergeant Dan Manor, was one of the lost crew members.

Each year, we remember the loss of the Dakar, our missing submarine

“Dakar” Wood and Steel

in 2018, the 50th anniversary of the disappearance of the Dakar, each family received a special medal in remembrance of their loved one.

The Medal was designed by Nurit Manor in honor of the crew and her late husband.

Dan Manor דן מנור ז״ל

A rare and complete film (16 mm) of the Dakar submarine and crew, departing from Portsmouth Port, England, on January 9, 1968.

No sound. (restored 2021).

Authentic last photos of the Dakar crew on its men.


Chicken in Mustard + Green Salad

What we eat – Is what we are

Keeping our good health in mind

There are days that if we do not have delicious food at hand and noting was especially prepared for us by a cook, so we’ll eat just anything… These days are Holidays and it’s easy to sin… with the special festivity Jewish foods. That’s way we have to check out the calories.
So please, take a little longer and prepare a delicious healthy meal, with glory tast, for the lazy ones in mind.Ingredients: Chicken (in pieces) without the skin. (to remove the skin – please wear disposable gloves, which greatly facilitate the work. You can leave the skin only if the chicken is thin.)  2-4 heads of Onion, 1 Fennel, 4-5 Carrots, 2 Sweet Potatoes, 2 Parsnips.

Spices: 2-3 tablespoons mustard Dijon, 2 teaspoons turmeric, a pinch of black pepper, a handful of black peppercorns, a pinch of salt.

Preparation: First repare the vegetables – slice, peele and share in circles. The fennel cut to four parts. Put the slised onion in a large pot with little bit oil (not olive oil!) Fry shortly, and add the vegetables and a glass of water and the spices. Close the pot and cook for 5 minutes on a low heat. Put the chicken pieces and close the lid. Cook on low heat for about 15 minutes. Turn the chicken pieces in the sauce and add a glass of water. Close the lid and cook another 20 minutes with the lid closed.

Tips: Because each stove have a different fire power, for the first time, please look in the pot occasionally, to see that the food is cooking well and not burning!

Additional dish – Green Salad: Cut lettuce, cucumber, green or red onions, sherry tomatoes, parsley, dill, mint and all the other appropriate green leaves to your taste. Add olive oil, Olives. Squeeze 1/2 a lemon, Just before serving.

Bon Appetite!


Travelling with My Parents Around India

Rishikesh, Lino Cut, 2019

25/3/08 train towards Rishikesh (*)

I met on the train from Delhi to Pathankot an Indian man. He was about 50 years old, wearing most modern cloths, colourful, on the bright side of the palette. He was full of happiness, it was impossible not to see it.

After a short small talk about the train time-table, he said to me with joyful face:

I am taking my parents with me to travel around India. He posed shortly, than he added:

Both cremated!

I am taking the two gars everywhere I go.

I spread their ashes into the Ganga river in Varanasi, at Delhi’s wide river, now I am on my way to Rishikesh, I will spread their dust around the Holy Temples and at the Ganga river.

I will be travelling with them all over India. They have never left their hometown, so I take them to travel around India, in all the places they wanted to visit, see but they never did.

He looked at me with a big happy smile and went on to his cabin.

(*) it’s not going back in time, I have got some notes in my rucksack….

Crowd, 2015