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Hope at The Western Wall, Jerusalem – New prints

Western Wall”
By Nurit Manor, Sep. 2023
Based on a painting by Bernatz, 1839
Print Club London

“Hope Between the Walls, Between the Times”

Over the course of hundreds of years, the Western Wall has been documented in painting, engraving and photography. Then women and men were praying side by side, without a partition. !!

Walling Wall – Etchings by Nurit Manor

Women and Men praying at the Western Wall”
Etching By Nurit Manor, June 2023
Based on a painting by Bernatz, 1839
Etching Center – Kibbutz Cabri, Israel

“Hope Between Walls, Between Times” – One of the subjects that dealt in the project is – about the monologue that takes place in Israel now – on the invisible and visible walls between women and men. It takes place also at the “Western Wall” – the empowering symbol, which has public, private, historic and international importance, where there is a “partition” between women and men in the praying areas.
*** This is a controversial issue – as it touches political and religious extremes in Israel.

The separation between men and women, that exists in many places in Israel now, brought the historical change to the Western Wall on Nov. 1967, after the six-day war, and a “Partition” was created. [“Mechitza”]

The Western Wall is documented in paintings, drawings, engravings and photographs from 1839 until today.

I created several works of art, to raise the issue of the right to pray without a partition, where women and men have prayed together at “Ha’Kotel” [The Western Wall] for hundreds of years. That’s based on historical works of art, and photographs, created before 1967.

Western Wall”
Etching, 3 colors, Size A2
By Nurit Manor, June 2023
Based on a painting by Bernatz, 1839
Etching Center Kibbutz Cabri, Israel

Walling Wall – Silkscreen by Nurit Manor

Western Wall”
Silkscreen, 3 colors, Size A3
By Nurit Manor, June 2023
Based on a painting by Bernatz, 1839
Hamelaha Silkscreen Printing studio, Tel Aviv

Raising the issue for the right to pray without a partition, Women became one of the center of attention in this Project.

Western Wall and a Woman”
Silkscreen, 2 colors
By Nurit Manor, Sep. 2023
Based on a painting byBernatz, 1839
Print Club London
Hope at the Western Wall 1″
Silkscreen, 7 colors
By Nurit Manor, Sep. 2023
Based on a painting by Bernatz, 1839
Print Club London
Hope at the Western Wall 2″
Silkscreen, 7 colors
By Nurit Manor, Sep. 2023
Based on a painting by Bernatz, 1839
Print Club London

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The Reservist – Silkscreen

This silkscreen is dedicated with love, thanks and support – to the Reservists that walked with flags during the long months of demonstrations. [January – Oct. 2023]

The Reservists – Silkscreen Print – 5 colors

“The Reservist”
Oct. 2023
Print Club London

The Reservists are ordinary people, humble, natural leaders that stand for the good of the nation and its people. I have great respect for them.

The Reservist” [Painting]
April 2023
Acrylic on canvas, 70 * 100 cm

I painted the painting above, during April 2023, embracing the lonely position of the reservist, most of them family men, professionals, that stood firm week by week, for months, at the stormy country of Israel.

Stages in printing

Just Blue
Adding natural tone and Khaki
An experiment on full process

Painting Thoughts on Art etc.


Midnight marks the ending of one day and the beginning of a new one with all it’s mystery

London at night is different from London during the day, it’s magical, mysterious and dreamlike.

Midnight and after, are intimate moments combining expectations, dreams and emotions.

I am looking at both paintings with joy, excitement and curiosity, as I discover new subtleties in these crystal poetical private moments.

It’s hot summer nights at June-July-August 2022

Midnight, 1
Crayons and Acrylic on canvas
100 * 100 cm

I am in a delicate mood tonight.
Listening to the night sounds, to the squeal of nature and to the celestial peaceful movements. 
After midnight the sky sparks and its waves move faster. 
Plants are waking up showing their beauty. 
A neighbor showed up. She intrigues me.
I breathe the sweet sounds of the night.

My work is eclectic, personal and bold, ranging from observations of still life and nudes to political commentary.

In these paintings I am opening the inward and outward feelings and experiences of the individual – He, She, are my main concern.

Midnight, 2
Crayons and Acrylic on canvas
100 * 100 cm

In my neighborhood after midnight the houses whisper soft dreamy bedtime stories, the trees embrace their birds, the celestial paths are clear on their way to the stars – all of these balance my existence.  

The sky in my neighborhood speaks. It gives me all the answers.

My small cactuses are my shield; they breathe like pets, whispering like a mistress.

I was waiting after midnight for the beautiful neighbor to show up, but the silence embraced me, and a cat appeared. 

These were the hot summer nights at June-July-August 2022, London

Midnight, first quick sketch
22 June 2022
Crayons and Acrylic on paper
Looking at both paintings in progress
2 December 2022

Longing for the hot summer nights….

India Marco Pola Marco Pola - A traveller (f) Thoughts on Art etc.

Mahatma Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh

Ganga River and Rishikesh at night [Crayons on note book]

The first time I arrived in Rishikesh was in April 2008, it was LOVE of first sight. The sights, colours, sounds and the gentleness of the people caught me.

First few steps on Laxman-Jula Bridge, Rishikesh 8.4.2008

I traveled alone but thanks to Shiva and to the Good Spirits, that I felt safe and comfortable, like I have been in India before.

Lino Cut, Rishikesh, 2019

There are some miracles in life, and my work on that Lino, on 2019 of Rishikesh is one of them.
Every evening at sun set I used to bring my tools to the best point of view in the Ashram and did my work. Some times people looked at me with strange looks, but I continued. That was like I was ordered to do it with no excuses.
And so I created day by day – the stormy waters of the Ganga, the Ashram opposite with the round arches that’s never finishes, Shiva’s majestic and glorious statue that was the place for gathering and praying and the soft most beautiful mountains around that were like cuddling us. Thanks to Shiva and the universe that I managed to finish the work.

Rishikesh is a Holly city and pilgrims arrived from all over india.

Rajasthan family in Rishikesh
My favorite Cafe in Laxman-Jhula, looking at the riverside and to the bridge. 2008.
The Cafe with the best Israeli salad in town.
Visited it regularly from 2008 – 2019

I was lucky to find in my next visit – The Mahatma Yoga Ashram, run by Yogi Ji. That was like finding my second home.

View to the river from Mahatma Yoga Ashram, Pastel drawing, 2015
My first project in the Ashram was to paint the concrete LOTUS, creating a beautiful seating area. 2015
In pic. with lovely Laura (on the left). We are keeping in-touch until now.
My next project in Mahatma Yoga Ashram was painting the gats. Bright lovely colours were most suitable for the amazing atmosphere in the Ashram. 2015
People come again and again from all over the world
A quick drawing of the beautiful Ganga river & the Himalaya mountains.
Water colour, 2016
Visiting a Cave Man, lives 15 years in a cave, always smiling. With Yogi Ji (in white) and friends.
9 Oct. 2016
Drawing Buddha in the Reading Hat was an amazing spiritual journey.
My two books are placed proudly on the top shelve.
Oil paints, 2016
The guests helped me painting, and we created a beautiful scenery of Buddha by the Ganga river.
Tal and myself in a Well Being Ceremony by the river, next to Shiva’s statue
Relaxed and happy after Painting Buddha in meditation room.
1 March 2019

Sadly because of the pandemic Mahatma Yoga Ashram, by the Ganga river, closed down on Feb. 2020. The Ashram was active for 10 years.
The Reading Hat flew away by a Hurricane storm sometime on 2018

The final project on my last visit on 2019, was an idea by Yogi Ji
who wanted to create a beautiful background with local stones and a Shrine
to welcome the guests lovingly.

The guests at the ashram came from India and from all over the world.
The Yoga classes in Mahatma Yoga Ashram were the best in town, with excellent teachers.
Yogi Ji the founder and the manager of the Ashram, was a unique teacher and spiritual leader. He taught sacred wisdom in a humble way, wearing ordinary, gave happiness and hope to every soul.

My First Drawing in Mahatma Yoga Ashram.
Water colour, 2015

Longing for Mahatma Yoga Ashram & Rishikesh 💌 March 2021

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The Flag – הדגל

Demonstration by the Knesset in Jerusalem. 18 March 2023.
We are demonstrating to protect our democracy!
Acrylic and Crayons on canvas. 70*100 cm

The fiscal flag is a piece of cloth or material attached to a pole.

The Metaphysical flag is the sign, symbol that represents and symbolizes a given Nation, Government or Idea.

We were raised by the well known saying ״It is Good to Die for Our Country”, ״טוב למות בעד ארצנו!״in connotation to our land and flag. These words in the collective memory are associated with “Trumpeldor” the hero and “Tel Hai” in the Galilee.

With that collective idea in mind – “It is good to Die for our country”, I created “The Bleeding Red Flag” – by attaching 40 meter long Red Flag, bleeding at the end and integrating into the ground. Exhibited at “Anti War” exhibition 1978, London.

The Bleeding Red Flag“.
40 meter long flag bleeding to the ground. The “Anti War” exhibition 1978
Cover of “The Russian Revolution 1917-1945”, By Anthony D’Agostino

The Red Flag was a major player at the The Russian Revolution, 1917

Flags of countries at the UN House in New York.

The National Flag is displayed in various Important places. The Metaphysical idea of The Flag carries the Nation’s pride.

“The Flag”, Collage-painting, 1978

״The FLAG״ painting-collage, was displayed in Revensbourn college of Art & Design, London, in “Anti War” exhibition. 1978. ״The FLAG״ represented as a prime Form-Symbol in the Anti Warexhibition.

Carrying a flag can “cover” the eyes and the vision…

‘Idolatry’, sketch book, 1978

Flag worship can be ‘Idolatry’ as I called it in my sketch book. (1978)

‘War Dance’, sketch book, 1978

Today we are protesting for our Democracy in Israel, and again ‘The Flag‘ is the major player.

Demonstration at 10 Downing St. London. 24 March 2023
Netanyahu meeting Rishi – the British PM
Demonstration in Tel Aviv. 17 March 2023
Draft of “Field of Flags”
Close up – “Field of Flags”
(Between the flags and the people A Camera is searching for the leaders…)
“Field of Flags”, 23 March 2023
Acrylic and pastels on canvas. 100 * 70 cm