Quick Drawings of Kelly

I was lucky to draw Quick Drawings of Kelly – a lovely friendly Model 2 November 2023

Charcoal and crayons
on paper size A2
Charcoal on paper size A2
Charcoal on paper size A2
Charcoal on paper size A2
Charcoal and crayons
on paper size A2
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The Reservist – Silkscreen

This silkscreen is dedicated with love, thanks and support – to the Reservists that walked with flags during the long months of demonstrations. [January – Oct. 2023]

The Reservists – Silkscreen Print – 5 colors

“The Reservist”
Oct. 2023
Print Club London

The Reservists are ordinary people, humble, natural leaders that stand for the good of the nation and its people. I have great respect for them.

The Reservist” [Painting]
April 2023
Acrylic on canvas, 70 * 100 cm

I painted the painting above, during April 2023, embracing the lonely position of the reservist, most of them family men, professionals, that stood firm week by week, for months, at the stormy country of Israel.

Stages in printing

Just Blue
Adding natural tone and Khaki
An experiment on full process


Miss D. Quick life drawings & Silkscreen

On life drawing 

“Drawing a model is always a challenge for me, refreshes the senses and inspires me. It means capturing the mood of the model, and in the same breath it’s an expression of the artist’s personality and mood.” Opening of Exhibition, Artists House, Tel Aviv. Sep. 2021.

Life drawing – Miss D.

“Miss D. And Cat”.
Charcoal and crayons on paper A2
Sep. 2023

“Miss D. and Cat” – Silkscreen – 6 colors

“Miss D. and Cat”
Print Club London

“Miss D. and Cat, Positive Thoughts” Silkscreen – 7 colors

“Miss D. and Cat, Positive Thoughts”
Size A3
Print Club London

Thoughts on 15.10.2023: Sending positive thoughts through my work. Courage, strength and hope. 🙏 View: The Vally of Israel, at the lower Galilee.

Work in Progress – “Good Morning Miss D.

Work in progress
Black and brown are printed, body color – next
Print Club London
Printing Blue
Print Club London
Good Morning Miss D.
Work in progress – 4 colors so far
Print Club London

“Good Morning Miss D.” – Silkscreen – 7 colors

Good Morning Miss D.
Size A3
Print Club London

Thoughts on 3.11.2023: I created this work to bring up happiness, strength and hope. 🙏 View: The Vally of Israel, at the lower Galilee.

“Miss D. and cat” – Silkscreen – black

Miss D. and Cat
Size A3
Print Club London

More life drawings of Miss D. Size A2

Miss D. – Secret Smile
Miss D. – Japanese Style
Miss D. – That’s me


“Model – Impressions” 

Nurit Manor’s exhibition of nudes – 2021, at The Artists House, Tel Aviv, Alcharizi St. , Israel. (*)

Opening: Artists House, Thursday July 29 2021, until: 12 August 2021.

Curator: Irit Levin

Foto on The Invitation to the Exhibition.
Model: Angelica

About Nurit Manor’s works in the “Model – Impressions” exhibition.

The exhibition “Model – Impressions” at the artists’ house opens a window into the drawings and paintings of a nude model – a classic drawing, which has been used for many years in art schools, in groups and classes, in the studio in an intimate meeting of a painter with a model or of several artists working with a model, each in his own approach to the subject. Drawing the model on paper allows hand and eye practice, study and observation. Sometimes it remains immature; Sometimes a preparatory sketch or drawing is used for painting – a draft for thoughts and feelings that will be translated into line and color.

Model: Paulina, 28.8.2021, black Ink and Pastels on Paper

The female model as an object of vision produced series of works for Manor even in the past. According to her, “drawing a model is always a challenge for me, refreshing the senses and inspiring, all the more so when drawing a fast model.” The exhibition features two sets of works: in one the focus is on the model’s face, the other is quick nude sketches on a magazine about gender. She works on several types of paper and writes using ink, charcoal, acrylic and pastel colors – creative materials she carries with her to the drawing sessions.

(ARTEFACT Magazine, London) Drawing of a model,
on a Magazine on sexuality and gender

In the cluster of model faces, the female figures are recorded on brown and white paper from several angles. Most of them do not direct their gaze – their stomachs are slightly sealed, distant, turned to the side, they do not remain anonymous – the private name is indicated on the paper next to the date they were drawn.

A drawing on “ARTEFACT” magazine.

The quick nude drawings were created on pages of “ARTEFACT” magazine, a magazine about sexuality and gender that she randomly bought in London. The inscription, the images and the symbols provided her with inspiration. This booklet, on fine paper, the size of a notebook, was also brought to the model meetings: “I pulled it out only when my eyes caught my eye – something wild, primal, in the pose and the look of the model… The hand moved quickly, the work grew as if by itself, running between the edges of a triangle – between the look of the model and visual connections which were printed in the brochure and among my feelings.” In the compositions created, the figures are immortalized in a variety of situations and positions alongside the motifs and texts on the substrate, visible and hidden between lines and spots in flickering and bright colors.

A drawing on “ARTEFACT” magazine. Subject: Gender
15.8.2021, Model: Angelica

The model’s poses, which change in short time of periods, dictate fast drawing actions. The style is formed according to changing drawing lines: minimal, expressive and direct, trying to capture an elusive essence. The technique and content are not determined in advance but are intuitively chosen according to the personal mindset, the dynamics created in the meeting with the model, and the atmosphere in the studio.

“The ‘weather’ of the people working around me is projected as a kind of super-experience that somewhat leaves its mark on me and my work.”

Model: Angelica

“Drawing a model is always a challenge for me, refreshing the senses and inspiring, all the more so – when drawing a fast drawing.” NM

מוזמנים לקרוא 2 פוסטים בעברית – על התערוכה שלי (*) ,


neighborhood & Tricycle

“Neighbourhood & Tricycle” is one from a series of paintings – “Neighbourhood, Girl’s school”, which I created in London in 2021.

Painting 2: “Neighbourhood & Tricycle“, Acrylic on canvas. 45 * 50 cm.

I came to London for a short visit, but my trip lengthened due to the coronavirus lockdown. I found myself spending much time in my AirBnB. Looking out through the back window, I was exposed to a new world, and I was inspired to create a series of paintings, the “Neighbourhood” [stamford Hill, London].

The changes in color that took place outside, day by day, hour by hour, captivated me. There was a schoolyard that felt as if it was trapped by the houses around it.

Painting 1: “Neighbourhood, Girl’s School”, Acrylic on canvas. 45 * 50 cm.

״Neighbourhood,” my initial acquaintance with the world outside my window (Stamford Hill). It was as if I had just met a new friend.

“Neighbourhood & Tricycle,” A child’s tricycle caught my eye. It had been left in the schoolyard, and the sky and houses around it were smiling. (Top pic.)

Painting 3: “Neighbourhood & Girl Jumping on Rope”, Acrylic & Oil crayons on canvas. 45 * 50 cm.

“Neighbourhood & Girl Jumping on Rope,” was created when I saw a young girl jumping rope in the schoolyard under a dreamy sky.

Painting 4: “Hey, who’s the new one in our Neighbourhood”, Acrylic on canvas. 45 * 50 cm.

“Hey, who’s the new one in our Neighbourhood?,” a painting I made when I saw the surprised look on the girls’ faces at the schoolyard, who looked at me, as I was looking at them.

“Snow in my Neighbourhood,” is a quick painting I did at the sight of the first snowfall in London.

Working on these paintings filled me with joy.