Everyone can find a treasure or purpose in life.
My source of living is – art. Art is what I would call the ‘soul’ of my life. It is my treasure.

The world is a fascinating place, because it’s constantly changing, growing and renewing itself all the time. And we, as individuals, are part of this renewal.

The Indians define the Taj Mahal as a “perfect and eternal beauty”. This palace was built to tell the world about eternal love and beauty.

Art outlines a conceptual path; These days it should be about social and political issues.

I have always recommended healthy food, even before it was fashionable. There is a direct connection between food, health, and our mood.

Over the years, I have traveled to New Zealand, Thailand, India, England, and many other places. This past year, the year of Coronavirus, sidelined us and devoured all of our plans. But we must maintain high moral and mental stability, so we can continue to create, because that’s what we are meant for – to create, to rejoice, to love.
And I love riding bicycles in Tel Aviv.

In my blog there are posts in Hebrew and in English. From now on – 2021, I’ll write in English.

About my Books:

“The Short Spring of Great Garbo” is my first book, and it tells the story of my childhood – from the ages two to seven. My second book, “The English School”, is a Zen-style adventure novel, which I dedicated to my sons. My third book is a compilation of short stories, which is coming very soon!

“The Short Spring of Great Garbo”, Novel. (Hebrew, 2005) 
“The English School”, Novel. (Hebrew, 2013). Signed as: Norah Levy.

Taj Mahal, March 2008