Painting Thoughts on Art etc.


Midnight marks the ending of one day and the beginning of a new one with all it’s mystery

London at night is different from London during the day, it’s magical, mysterious and dreamlike.

Midnight and after, are intimate moments combining expectations, dreams and emotions.

I am looking at both paintings with joy, excitement and curiosity, as I discover new subtleties in these crystal poetical private moments.

It’s hot summer nights at June-July-August 2022

Midnight, 1
Crayons and Acrylic on canvas
100 * 100 cm

I am in a delicate mood tonight.
Listening to the night sounds, to the squeal of nature and to the celestial peaceful movements. 
After midnight the sky sparks and its waves move faster. 
Plants are waking up showing their beauty. 
A neighbor showed up. She intrigues me.
I breathe the sweet sounds of the night.

My work is eclectic, personal and bold, ranging from observations of still life and nudes to political commentary.

In these paintings I am opening the inward and outward feelings and experiences of the individual – He, She, are my main concern.

Midnight, 2
Crayons and Acrylic on canvas
100 * 100 cm

In my neighborhood after midnight the houses whisper soft dreamy bedtime stories, the trees embrace their birds, the celestial paths are clear on their way to the stars – all of these balance my existence.  

The sky in my neighborhood speaks. It gives me all the answers.

My small cactuses are my shield; they breathe like pets, whispering like a mistress.

I was waiting after midnight for the beautiful neighbor to show up, but the silence embraced me, and a cat appeared. 

These were the hot summer nights at June-July-August 2022, London

Midnight, first quick sketch
22 June 2022
Crayons and Acrylic on paper
Looking at both paintings in progress
2 December 2022

Longing for the hot summer nights….

Painting Thoughts on Art etc.

A search and adventure into the inner truth

Creating – is an endless search and adventure into the inner truth

To express Creation, the Birth of the Worlds – it is parallel to an inner search.

It’s a surprise to me, again and again, to realize that making a painting, creating art, as well as writing, it’s a methodical conscious and unconscious form of search into the inner truth, the inner thoughts; side by side with the urge for adventure. 

Cave painting.
40,000 years old painting or older. (Wikipedia)

From the dawn of humanity human feelings have been expressed in painting, in sculpture – as truth passionate feelings, “experiences of the soul”.

And so, in late 2014, I gave myself a complete freedom – without fear, with no pain, without limits, with no time restrictions, without color limits – I had just one thing in mind – to express my feelings on the subject –  “At the beginning” (Genesis, בראשית).

And I let myself go with that feeling of the heavenly event. 

“In the beginning”, the creation of light

I remember one thing from this event – dizziness! I was eager to express passionately my initial basic feelings, wanted to sacrifice my logical thoughts for the sake of letting go, but what I felt was – dizziness. 😮

As soon as I let myself “to loose the ground”, I went into kind of ecstasy and the colors themselves led me.

Creation. The birth of the worlds

The essence of life is expressed in art, by art; it is impossible to separate them from one anther.