The Reservist

Feeling the loneliness of The Reservist – in a sea of flags, people and dilemmas. In my studio, London, April 12, 2023

The Reservists are leaders of public opinion * An active integral part of the civil protest against ”The Reform’ and the coup d’état held in Israel (without that official title), 2023

“The Reservist”: “Democracy or Rebellion”, are seen on the high cliffs of the Judean Mountains.

The Reservists with their abilities as skilled field personnel – raised signs throughout the country.

Sign: “Democracy or Rebellion”, on the high cliffs of the Judean Mountains

They shake the country with direct messages and boldly in their own way, in demonstrations throughout from north to south. From Chiefs of Staff to unknown soldiers, heroes, who risk their lives when necessary – express their opinion and leave an active and proactive mark in demonstrations and current public affairs in Israel.

Reservists carrying a stretcher (like in war) in Bnei Brak, March 2023
Photograph: Itai Ron

The people’s army – only in a democracy!” The leaders of the reserve protest said in Bnei Brak, March 2023

The people’s army – only in democracy!”

Sign: Combats of Yom Kippur war 1973, are fighting for the ׳character׳ of the country of Israel.
Photographer: Aviahu Shapira
The journey of the Yom Kippur fighters against the revolution –
Loading a tank on a tank carrier from The Golan Heights to the center of the country.

Heroes as always!
Photographer: Aviahu Shapira

On 17 February 2023, the campaign of Yom Kippur fighters against ‘The Reform’ was stopped, with a tank towed all the way from The Golan Heights * The tank was taken without permission.

A tank towed from The Golan Heights , on a heroic journey, brings up forgotten pain – a thunderous action against the ‘Reform’!
Photographer: Aviahu Shapira

There is a dilemma between the spirit of volunteerism of The Reservists and their going out as first in every mission, and their going out openly against ‘The Reform’ that goes against the High Court, they go against the coup d’état, against the destruction of the democracy with the “Salami method” system, rewriting draconian laws, and as a whole turning the State of Israel into a dictatorship and a Halacha state.

Close-up: “The Reservist” goes to ‘battle’ this time for saving the country from dictatorship.

Day by day and hour by hour, with security volatility and instability in the country and in the region, The Reservists make difficult decisions and go to their dangerous positions, as the ‘people’s army’ and when ordered, and in addition go to demonstrations against ‘The Reform’ and the coup d’état!

“Freedom in our country” – the military men, the fighters of 73, once again went head in the front of the camp – proudly displayed the Declaration of Independence and the Menorah.
Kaplan, May 6, 2023
“The Reservist”, 2023
Acrylic on canvas, 70 * 100 cm, April 12 2023