About my new book: “Aphrodite on Metzizim Beach”

The book was published on August 26, 2021, by “Eucalyptus” Publishing, arrived in stores after the holidays – on October 4, 2021

Short Stories, by Nurit Manor

In “Aphrodite on Metzizim Beach” Nurit Manor weaves different stories – funny, moral, fantasy, nostalgia, autobiography and adventures. (Hebrew)

Each story takes the reader into a different direction and angle of life. There are short stories that develop in silent steps, there are mystery stories, there are poetic and Zen stories.

Each story is accompanied by an illustration, engraving or photograph, which brings a visual aspect to the text, and takes the reader into a Journey. The drawings created by the author, in Black and white.

Eucalyptus grove, Quick drawings, 2019

A young man arrives at Metzizim Beach in Tel Aviv and meets Aphrodite. A woman travels around India and experiences an extraordinary meeting with her dead father. In another story, a young woman cries out an universal cry, in the name of the silent citizens. There is a story of a courages of a woman in Abarbanel, a psychiatric hospital, a story about a trip to a music festival in the south of France and more.

“The hedgehog and the hawk”, illustration for the story
“Till Death us do part”, lino cut, 2017

The stories take place in Israel and in different parts of the world, and the reader assimilates into the landscape, ideas, and grasps the experiences of the heroes, and breathes real life stories.

“Buddha on the Ganges”, oil on wood. I painted Buddha in the library, a wooden hut, at the Mahatma Yoga Ashram, in Rishikesh. 2016.

The thread that connects all the stories – human love, human acceptance, the hand of chance and the mysteries of fate.

A drawing for the story “Encounter in 3D”. Black ink on paper. 2020

Nurit Manor, writer and multidisciplinary artist.

On 2021 Manor presented a solo exhibition “Model – Impressions”, nudes, at The Artists’ House, Elkharizi St., Tel Aviv. 29.7.2021 – 21.8.2021

Curator: Irit Levin.

Books: “Aphrodite on Metzizim Beach” (2021), “The English School” (2013) signed under a pen name :Norah Levy (maiden name), “The Short Spring of Greta Garbo” (2005)

The design of the book and cover: Zohar Manor-Abel