The Best Place is – Where I am Now!

Holi, Hampi to Mombi
a bit of tension at first.... Hampi to Mombi 2
The Magic Camera Effect... Hampi to Mombi 1
train trip from Hampi to Mumbai

The View from the train was flat. I was told that it’s better to go by train as the roads are narrow and crowded with Lorry’s. There was a sleep steel mine for years, but 2 years ago the Chinese rented it and it’s full in use. Now the heavy Lorry’s are blocking the roads. The Chinese do not wait for any body and lots of lorry’s are heading to Puna ports. The police is very strict and does not let to over take the chain of lorry’s. Itzick told me that he saw with his own eyes that the police smashed some car’s window’s, just because the drivers disobeyed.

I am the only stranger in the train. I am odd & strange to the people here. Lots of eyes were watching me. It’s Holi Holiday so the train is pucked with travelling families. I do not think it was such a good idea to take the train on a holiday. On each bench there were 6-8 people sitting instead of 4-5. I felt that there was a lot of tension between me & them, at list 50 people were staring at me, from the close circle. There was the language barrier, as they did not speak English, just simple peasant people. I wanted to ease the tension, I started to take pictures of the view out side. Each movement of mine was checked precisely. Most of the travellers were men, but there were 2 women close to me that were full of curiosity. I ask them if I can take a photo of them? They understood immediately and laughed with excitement. The minute I started to take interest in them and took their photographs, the tension eased up. all the faces looked happier. I showed them the image on the camera, and they posed for me again and again. It was extremely interesting to see the magic touch of the Camera on the people’s faces, on their behavior – It’s just like a magic touch!!!

At last, an English speaker arrived to see me – the odd one out in that train.

As he came over from the other wagon, I asked him: “It it less crowded over there, at the other wagon?”

The best place is where you are now,” he said in a simple voice.

Yes……… It took me a long minuit to understand him.

Yes, I am sitting at the best place now,” I said.