Purim Samehach & Happy Holi – festival of colours

Real & Abstract Beauty, Hampi

How to choose the colours for your curtains

21/3/08 Humpi – Mumbi – Delhi

Under the Papaya tree, Hampi

Today is an extra special day as it marks the events of 5 different faiths and it’s a full noon too.
it’s Purim for us – in Judaism, Holi – in the Hindu tradition – the festival of colours, Good Friday for Christians and Id-e-Milad of Islam.
It was very nice to read in today’s Daily Newspaper that they did not forget any one of the above.

Oded Alfasi an Israeli guy from Chulon, a guest at Itzik’s Home, looked every were to get the Bible as he wanted to read Megilat Ester. Even that he fasted on such a hot day, and he was out and about on the motorbike, in the evening with candle lights (there was an Electricity strike) he read the Megila. Each time Hamman was mentioned he asked us to tap on the table, so we were a few active listeners.

When ever I hear Megilat Ester I always question why Ester was given to Achashverosh as a wife? from the true Jewish point of view. What is definite that she was the most beautiful woman at that year, compare to the rest of the competitives. It’s most probably that she had some other qualities – the quality of a political leader, the quality of a woman that wanted to gain power trough her beauty, the quality of a woman that after being the wife of…, she used her power to get what she was asked to do for her people – by her uncle Mordechi.
My question is what was her real drive? To use her beauty to gain political power? or Was she so deeply politicaly conscious that she scarified her personal freedom for the nation?

I was lucky to be here in India in the Holi festival of colours.
Old, young & kids are trowing wonderful colour powders on each other and dance to loud music.
I learned that there is an old colour therapy. One uses colours to heal illnesses, some really have to see the colours, some can imagine them.

The love of people for a particular colour is not just per say, some say it’s a deep feeling and need. That colour can ease, can relax, can adjust ‘things’ in the body. As the colours in nature change according to the season, so WE need to feel the need for NEW colours – we should change the colours we wear too. Each one should listen to his inner need for the right colour. Even at home there is a need to change the colours of the paint in the walls to a new colour (from time to time) according to our needs.

Also, do not forget the curtains – they can be changed with new simple material, but with new colours! It will give you new start & relaxed feeling, just be particulare in choosing it with your inner feeling & voice.