Security & Trust

Rising sun. Every day a new arisen, a new day, a new luck.

One of the basic things that we have, and we don’t consider it as a daily miracle – it’s the daily raising of the sun.

Day by day, since we are born, we go to sleep at dark and we get up when the sun is up firm, new, strong, powerful and alive.
We give a glance at the window and the light is all over the room, and we are ready to start our busy lives.

Once in a while we are taken by surprise from the beauty of the rising sun or the sunset. If it happends and we have the time to share with nature, to consume the beauty that we see, not just as an obvious matter. (the only time some of us see the sun rises is on a rash day taking a flight somewhere.)

Day by day we are up in the morning and the sun is up waiting to cheer us up! The sun embraces us daily with warmth and a smile. Undoubtedly, we see & feel it as it gives each one of us the security to go on with our daily routine. No hesitation or concern about the basic existence of our world.
We cannot even imagine the world without the sun, it’s so obvious it will appear tomorrow again!

Our basic security in life is the knowledge that tomorrow what ever happens, the sun will rise again with a smile. (the ‘smile’ is :-)seen individually, some see the sun with a grim face.)
Our basic security in life is based on that knowledge. Can we imagine our lives without the sun up there?
Is it possible to think of our existence without knowing that the sun will rise tomorrow morning again?

On sleepless nights (like I had tonight), one is turning in bed for hours, getting up to drink some water, going to the toilet once or twice, and than the questions arises, or more so the prayer: I wish the sun will get up there!
Our nightmare will be over, we’ll start our daily routine, and we’ll forget our little prayer. But can we start our day to day life without the sun watching us from above?

I was lucky to choose to go to a 4 day course: Polarity therapy and wellness, presented by Mikael Spector.
In that workshop the point of trust was raised up.

We are dealing with the subject of TRUST unconsciously and it’s one basis to reach a peace of mind. It’s about trusting yourself and trusting others. On a different level, it’s the trust & knowledge & the security that we have – that the sun will rise again tomorrow.

Mikael Spector is a man that projects his knowledge, healing abilities also his energy in an impact way to his students. I trust my feelings to feel & see it in such a short time. Meeting Mikael had a different level as well for me, as he resembled by personality & even by looks my dear friend Jonathan. (Walters.) I joined the group and immediately it striked me – his resemblance, gesturs, body languish, and even his reach vocabulary.

It’s a very strange feeling to meet a person that brings up someone so vividly from ‘the other world.’
Most people that know me know hat Johnathan was a very special man and dear to me and to my family.
So, meeting Mikael, the Israeli guy that left Israel at the age of 20 to study in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India, and since 1987 he settled in Auroville, brings me in a direct way, really like a deja vu to the voices of Johnathan.

As for Jonathan Walters, blessed his soul, the Indian culture was so much his path, his way of life. I think that all his live he longed for India.

Meeting Johnathan Trough Mikael gave me an extra force to trust myself.