Inside me

I am in Auroville, India
It’s amazing that I came to this remote place for 2 days the most, and I am already 10 days here. and to tell you… it will be difficult to depart.

This place was created 40 years ago and the ideas that led to create the place are unique.
No doubt to my opinion, there were some influences of the Kibbutz ideas, living in a community, building the town with ideas of equalities in mind etc. What is interesting that there is no religious or political ideas involved at all, (political ideas unit the Kibbutz) it’s a community that aims to integrate people from all over the world (40% are Indians). The people choose to do meditation, yoga, etc. as a way of life, and to live in a GREEN invairment, also Money is not the main motive in life.

Going so far way from home it does not mean that I am new, or changed. Leaving home means a big change for every one and especially for me. (Cancer) But I see that it gives more time to be oneself. It gives time to see others, to look at the world in a precise way, but mainly to look inside.

I am like a beginner. I am not used to think only about myself.
We always are used to put bounderies between our self by/with ‘thing we have to do’, giving attention to some one else, obligations of all kinds of things. We do neglect ourselves!

I am obliged to myself – to look inside me.