Moods in the Living Room

Genesis, Nudity, King Bibi

A year ago, on the 3rd of March 2020 my work attended a group exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel.

As we had 3 elections in 2 years time, I thought that a topic from our impossible political situation will be most appropriate for the exhibition titled: “That makes me lough”.

King Bibi, in the opening group exhibition “That makes me lough”, 3.3.2020
Ben Ami Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

The idea to create a “window” in which to present current issues, started in 2013. I built a real metal window and wooden shutters with the possibility of placing different pictures that can go in & out and be exchanged.

The window was presented in a solo exhibition on 2014, By Albert Choen, actor.

The window was first shown in my solo exhibition on 2014 at Bet Panorama, Tel Aviv. The look of the real window that can change pictures lit a surprised-smile on many faces.

Closed Window

The window can be closed when needed, such as the sacred icon boxes in Europe and personal religious cabinets in the Far East.

The window with changing images at the opening of the exhibition, 2020

In 2019-2020 with 3 elections in a row, as we were breathing politics & news from heads to toes, I felt it was necessary to present it visually – by creating one work – Moods in The Living Room – with the main characters in our lives – Genesis, Nudity, King Bibi.

Genesis, Nudity, King Bibi – These are the three main issues we are concerned with

King Bibi

Now we are facing the 4th election on 23.3.2021. And so again the three main issues that we are concerned with are – Genesis, Nudity, King Bibi.


At this time at list we the artists are required to bring a smile and humor to the hearts with art.

I do hope that soon we’ll be able to change the images where beauty, peace and love will unite us, and they will be the main issues in our lives.