31/3/08 Luxman Jhula, Rishikes

There is something very special in Rishikesh.

The full effect is definitely on the other side of the river – in Luxman Jhula and Ram Jhula.

It feels like a small place and even feels intimate, on the other hand it’s very busy full of colours, people, sounds, smells – the best description will be dull, and it’s not possible even to show that in photos. (we need all the senses!)

The Gangas River looks quiet and powerful, lays like a spread king on its bed; between all the goddesses around him = the dark green mountains, the temples, the hum of praying, and the Jewels are the people & the rocking hanging bridges.

I moved to the other side of the river, in a Guest House in Luxsman Jhula. All that view & sounds welcomed me, even the beggars looked happier, at list less miserable than in other places. There are temples for every one; big, small, tall, colourful, lots of Ashrams, lots of doctrines, different types of Yoga etc. Each one can find the right measure of ‘food for soul’ that he needs.

The city is crowded with Hindus that came to visit the holy city, not just tourists, and that’s special.

One can find the strangest type of people here. Each one have his uniqueness and there is a space for every one, somehow it blends to a nice harmony, that gives peacefulness to everyone.