Good Morning Gangas Holy River

1/4/08 Luxman Jhula, Rishikesk

Before down the sitar sounds were heard in the Gangas valley river.
Celestial wonderful music woke me up.

It was dark completely, and even the birds didn’t wake up yet. This wonderful sounds woke up the Gangas river, the Temples, the Gods, the birds, the town, the people and me. Than additional other instruments joined – flute, drums, very light bells and an horn – that was the way I wake up this morning. Only later the first bird hesitating raised her voice, and than the second, the third etc. The time now is 06.00 AM and the sounds are loud, happy and alive. A few ducks raised their voices, like a family talk, dogs started barking, and than at last a proud raven – announcing loudly the awaking new day! A rang of lovely birds in a random added their sweet singing. In that natural singing of nature, the sitar went on in a constant flow like the water of the river, moving slowly, quietly and powerfully. 

Luxman Jhula, Rishikesh

The Holy River and the Holy City are awake. A vast caw’s smell conquered my room for a short time, than soft bells hanging on cow’s necks heard very near my window.

My room in Sant Sewa Ashram is nothing special, but I choose it because of the veranda facing the Gangas – that’s what matters! 

There is a reason that the people of India see the Gangas as Holy, it’s the source of life. The river brings good spirits, it renewing itself each day, it brings down to earth celestial feelings.

With the wonderful sitar I hear now a woman’s singing, it crests the peaceful valley. The cradle of modern humanity started by the river. Especially in India, one sees and feels it – the river is like the heart of the place. People are drinking the water, washing themselves there, washing their cloths, having happy & sad times by the river. By the shallow water of the river you can see an elephant having a good time, donkeys, cows, sheep, dogs etc.

The Gangas river changes his colours, moods and spirit just like a human being – I heard that from an Indian man – when it overflows after the winter, one day the Gangas is happy, on the next day – smiling, and than he can be full of bad temper.


People forget to treat the river Ganngas with honor and respect – a police man said reporting of a missing man. Around 17.00 PM a young visitor, just arrived to Rishikesh, left his bags with his friend, and jumped into the river, full of excitement.

He smoked a bit… but he was full of love to the world, I know him – said the hippie that looked after his bags. The water can swallow pretty quickly – said the police man, we’ll continue searching tomorrow. We saw the man going into the water, the river looked calm – said a child at the age of 8, him and his young brother 6, the kids of the hippie saw the man going into the water, and than he disappeared. Their faces were extremely sad.

The police man arrived at the reception of my Guest House late that evening, asking about the man. Yes, a young Turkish guy came to ask for a room, but he changed is mind and went swimming first.

Carma! Said the police man.


Today people were talking about the quick disappearing of a young man into the river – at list he went into the water with a smile.