Art Projects

“Political Assassination”

Political Assassination, a sculpture that speaks for itself. In many countries Political Assassination changed history.

In Israel, after the assassination of Prim Minister Izchak Rabin, the country changed with no recognition.

Political Assassination

I created a collection of sculptures called “The Hand of Coincidence”, consisting of 25 individual pieces of art, each encapsulating a different social and political issue. 2014-2018. Political Assassination is one of the sculptures in the project.

“Political Assassination”, a close look – People on the roof.

Asymmetrical deserted wooden cubs found in junkyard draw my attention. That was the begging of a fantastic journey of Social and Political ideas that took forms in wood, metal and paint over 4 years.

Political Assassination. 6.5 * 6.5 * 9 cm.

It took me over 6 months to work on this small cube. I found a cube that had like bullet holes. And that was the trigger! Slowly the cube became the idea. The transformation was completed with lots and lots of layers of paint… and tears.

On one side of the scene – there are bullet holes, blood and tears. Like in real life. On the other side of the scene, sadly, there were some that celebrated.

And the people on the roofs, the crowd, like lost sheep, led by the powers that created and executed ideas that led to the assassination.

The Prime Minister of Israel – Izchak Rabin, was murdered on the 4th of November 1995.

And the country of Israel changed with no recognition.