Coincidence Project


The Global Beauty Queen

Computers” is one of a collection of sculptures I created, called “The Hand of Coincidence”.

It consist of 25 individual pieces, each encapsulating a different social and political issue. 2014-2018. Computers is like the ‘beauty queen’ of the project.😊

Computers. Wood & computer junk. 6.5 * 6.5 * 9 cm.

Computers consists our lives – private, public, academic, business, and government networks, all are in one way or another – global, but deals about us, of us – the citizens of the world.
And WE, or precisely most of us, cannot see our lives without Computers – The Global Beauty Queen.

Our life is transformed via the Computers. All the information resources and services are passing on in the computer channels, means that The World Wide Web (WWW), consist of all our global electronic mail, telephones, and file sharing. Bulks of our information is stored on the computers & on clouds.

The global beauty queen Computers

As the net grows bigger and bigger, we feel in some ways, smaller and smaller.

The best side of ‘Global Beauty Queen’ sculpture, Ha Ha

It took me months until a wooden cube in an abandoned yard “caught” my eye and joined the team of “The Hand of Coincidence” – to become the Computer sculpture.

Computer, The Global Beauty Queen!