Marco Pola’s adventures in India

I am in America!

Well, not to worry, I didn’t leave or run away, but I was lucky to be invited for a few days to a beautiful Hotel, the old English style hotel, and to be driven around Chennai town with a choffer! So I am calling it = America!!

But, as all the good things end quickly, I am back to reality! Curring my bags on my back, taking (today) the bus to Pondicherry. (in the south-east.)

In the bus there are 3 stuff members: One is the driver, the second is checking the tickets and the teired is operating the radio & video. Which means, he’s in charged on the music & films!!!! It’s a lovely job, and pretty important!

For 3.5 hours, we heard loud Indian songs, and than laud Indian dramatic voices of an Indian film! but funny enough, I am not complaining, I am describing the feeling & the sounds. It was like a nice blanket covering the passengers during the journey!! Than suddenly I was asked to go off, as I arrived at my destination (the rest continued). I went down with my bags, and the heavy heath of the sun started pressing my head & body!

I must say I felt so lonely! It was so friendly in the bus, every one was shaking his head to the sweet music.

(I am writing in English, so be patient with my mistakes.)