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“State of Emergency”

March 2023

״מצב חירום״

A state of emergency has been in place in Israel from the day it was declared, May 19, 1948 until today.

A state of emergency gives the Knesset or the government the authority to allow the government to implement unique arrangements – emergency regulations, sometimes while proportionately infringing fundamental freedoms.

The law does not define reference scenarios which, given their realization, would allow the Knesset or the government to establish emergency regulations. (Wikipedia)

“State of Emergency” 18.3.2023
Work in Progress

In these difficult times of dramatic changes of the regime and the laws in Israel, everyone clings to symbols. The blue and white Israeli flag with the Star of David in the center became the symbol of the masses. Everyone carried a flag and went out into the streets.

Kaplan St. Tel Aviv 18.3.2023

There was even a symbolic feeling that the flag and the Star of David will protect the people in times of need as in the Biblical Times. Indeed, young people were seen holding the flag made of simple cloth in-front of their faces as a protector from the sprayed huge hoses of water at them.

A sprinkler sprays on protesters in Jerusalem 2020.
Adaptation: Olivier Fitussy, Flash/90

The Flag and the Star of David as a symbol – protecting the people and a physical tool for expression.

Demonstration in Jerusalem – people and flags. 27.3.2023
Haharetz, front page

The “Economist”, one of the most important newspapers in the world, uses the Star of David as a symbol of Israel, comes out with a sharp cover against the legal reform in Israel, with the headline “Will Bibi dismantle Israel?”

The “Economist”, uses the Star of David as a symbol of Israel, 16.3.2023

Stages in my work: Drawings and than searching for found object of wood to put together the Star of David under suppressed area, as in our lives. Also assumable simple humble wood to create the star.

Star of David Handcuffed 21.2.2023
Stages of work

Searching the right BLUE colour and the proper size.

The shades of gray represents the mental stages of the nation and of the individual suffering.

At this time and stage the Star of David and Democracy are trapped by evil forces.

We will continue to demonstrate!

We will not give up democracy and our individual freedom!

We’ll return of the honor and pride of the symbol of Jewish freedom – The Star of David.

“State of Emergency”
Star of David and our Democracy are trapped 11.2.2023
Drawing on paper A3, crayons, pencils and charcoal