A Private Visit at The Karma-pa

22th April 08, McLeod Ganj, Dharmashala

I am going to meet the Karma-pa in half an hour time.

I do not know what drove me so urgently to meet The Karma-pa, but it looked right and immediate for me to meet him, at the end of my journey. I was more than happy that it happened!

On Sarurday I went to the Gyuto Monastery were Karma-pa’s home is permanently located. He is second of importance after the Dalai Lama. He is 23 years old now, and was chosen at the age of 3. Until the age of 21 he studied and got prepared for the high position in the Tibetan world. He is the 17th Gyalwa Karma-pa, and now he is taken the full responsibilities as the spiritual Karma Kagyan lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. He was smuggled to India at the age of 14.

The young Buddhist priest that sets the meetings, asked me about the reasons and needs of me to meet the Karma-pa. He questioned me of the importance of that meeting for me, looking deep into my eyes, watching at my body language. Than he asked me: You are not a Buddhist, aren’t you? Not too many questions! he added.

At the end he was convinced. But than he asked me: What are Your questions? that you are going to ask him? I stopped breathing and stopped thinking! I didn’t know what to answer him. What were my questions???

I was with another Israeli woman, that hesitated about the all thing, and he quickly noticed it, and pushed her aside.

He did not waist time, and started talking to the next guy queuing after me.

I had to focus and give quickly my questions!

Two questions!! I said with great confidence. I am going to ask The Karma-pa two important questions, one personal and one collective!

He looked at me again with some interest. Give me your passport. He said. He’s very busy, he sees just very few people a day.
I had to tell the Buddhist monk my questions, before signing me in!

The meeting was set in 2 days time, as I told him that I am leaving India. Thank God I convinced him.

I was extremely excited before the meeting with the Karma-pa. Already in the bus I felt on the edge of cry.

I felt clean and pure as Cristal in the talk with Karma-pa!

No doubt, today was one of the most wonderful days in my journey. (I said that before… I think.) After the meeting I had Tibetan soup with a Chines guy called Lixuan, and than I went to Norbulinka Institute.

Norbulinka – is a place preserving Tibetan Culture. I saw artists painting the Thangka paintings which are in use as a basis for meditative practicing. It was great sitting in the Japanese gardens and listening to the dream-like waterfalls.

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