מרקו פולו

Adventure & Stability

Only on my travels I realised how much I wanted this trip to happened!
To happened…?
The main problem is the starting point and than the decision.
The road leads me now.
I have to listen to the wind and to my body.

In Aurovelle, every one have a scooter, motorbike or at lists a bike.
The distances are so vast between places, that's it's a must, other wise one is imprisoned within one's room.
So, Marco Pola decided to rent a scooter!!!! Out side Auroville it's real India
I was given in half an hour a driving lessons on the scooter, and there you go to the road! My stomach was shaky. I must say it's very tempting.
It fills young and adventures, the wind blows in my face & heart… one fills free!

I said to the nice Indian guy in the shop; "I will take the scooter, just take me back to Auroville where I am familiar with the country roads, and the traffic is diluted. First I will go to the Internet shop, for a short time." The guy noted with his head = the Indian way, that's all clear & agreed. I went to the Internet shop, where I am always loosing myself between the words.

Two hours later as agreed, I called the Indian guy to come with MY scooter.
5 minutes he said. In Indian time = it means easily 1-1 1/2 hours. so I waited.
Two guys arrived. "Are you taking me on MY scooter back to Auroville?" I asked.
"No, we gave it to someone else by mistake." one said uncomfortable. I could not believe it! We agreed that I will take that scooter! (it's the busy season so scooters have a big demand.)

I suddenly realized that maybe they saw that I was not convinced that I am capable of riding the scooter on the road…. That's some-thing of the Indian nature – understanding without words.
So, I went back to the shop looking for a bike.
The first thing one have to learn in India is to float, to go with the stream.

I hired an old Indian bike. The guys in the shop said it's only 15 minuets ride to 'Creation' where my Guest Hours is. I went lost for a wile. It took me an hour and a half, riding on strange roads, to reach 'Creativity'

I want to stay longer in Auroville. To stay a wile longer to see that interesting place.
Is it the security I am missing?
Am I missing home and finding it a save shelter? that gives me confidence in that vast strange continent.
Is it fear?
The fear of the unknown, luck of security, facing loneliness.

I just had lunch in the Solar Kitchen. It caters for over 1000 people every lunch time, with in one hour. That kitchen does not use electricity, only solar power, and the food is mostly organic! There is no frying, just cooked food or steamed, also fresh salad & fruit. The price one pays is just to cover costs.
Can one ask for more?

The adventure got strong horse powers, the fear too.

The Indian guy that gave me my quick lesson on the scooter said to me:
"If you do not afraid, you will be a good driver!"
He is so bloody right!

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אני מאוד אוהב את הסיפור הזה – זה דוגמא טובה להודו.
וכמובן, בתקווה שהכל מתגלגל ויתגלגל לטובה.

אני חושב שיש כמה סוגים של פחדים, ופחד מנסיעה באופנוע או טוסטוס שונה מפחד של לטייל במקום לא ידוע. מסתמן גם שלא פחדת לרכב על אופניים במקום לא ידוע, ללכת לאיבוד, למצוא את הדרך ולהגיע לאן שרצית בסוף.

לפי דעתי להרבה אנשים זה פחד גדול יותר מאשר נסיעה על טוסטוס, אבל גם לדעתי, אם כבר טיול במקום לא ידוע, אז למה לא לכבוש כמה שיותר פחדים?

Dear Zohar, you said to me all ready some time ago – Not to Fear!
It's very brave for a son to say that to his mother. I am trying to listen.
When the young Indian said that to me, and he was so convised and sure of himself, it striked me, as he reminded me of your words.
Now in India – it's a lot about concering fears.
But I am not sure that will clime the Everst!

hi norche
when u get back u'll have sudenly a new book to publish, ur MEMOARES of this adventures trip. its very interesting and its a book and u can call it "impretions of a jurny" i enjoy it very much.
thanx erica

Thank You Erica!
before I left Israel I went to my Doctor – Dr. Rebeka Aldgem, a lovely woman. She gave me a pile of medicins to take, of any event of illness, but than she said to me in her very sirius Doctor's voice – You must write A travellers Diary!
So, she convinced & ordered me to do it! she read my book and loved it too.

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